Waiver and release of liability please read carefully

I fully understand and acknowledge that;

  • I read, understand and will follow the safety rules and terms and conditions of Hotshots Paintball.
  • Risks and dangers exist in my (or my dependents) use of Paintball equipment and participation in Paintball activities.
  • Participation in these activities and/or use of such equipment may result in injury or illness.
  • These risks and dangers may be caused by negligence of TECT Park, the BOP Paintball club, Hotshots Paintball, attendees, the forces of nature, use of equipment or other causes.
  • I hereby assume all risks and dangers and all responsibility for any losses and/or damages and that it is my responsibility to properly secure my personal property.
  • I indemnify Hotshots Paintball for all loss and damage to the paintball guns and equipment provided.
  • I give Hotshots Paintball and their photographers, the right and permission to publish, and use pictures and video of myself. If the person photographed is under 16, I certify that I am his or her parent or legal guardian and I give my consent.

I have read the above waiver, safety rules and terms and conditions and by signing it agree to resume all risk and responsibility and relieve Hotshots Paintball from all liability.



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Player under 16 years of age

Parent/Guardian Signature: