Safety Rules

All participants must complete a waiver prior to or at the time of arrival to Hotshots Paintball. By signing the waiver every player acknowledges all risk associated with playing paintball and agrees to follow the safety rules as listed below as well as instructions provided by staff members.

1.Follow directions from staff members immediately and at all times.

2. All players must be wearing a paintball mask prior to entering the playing area and a face mask has to be worn in the playing area at all times.

3. Paintballs guns stay in the playing area at all times.

4. Once hit, raise your gun and arm over your head and move quickly toward the exit/respawning point.

5. At no time are players to shoot over the protective netting, at model air planes, staff members or at a player with their hands up.

6. Don’t pick up paintballs from the ground to use in the paintball guns.

7. Players are not allowed to consume alcoholic beverages before or during their time of play.

8. Players must not be under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription or medications that alter judgement or reaction.

9. Only Hotshots Paintball guns, paintballs and paintball gear is allowed to be used. No personal paintballs or paintball equipment can be used.

10. Don’t take your paintball mask of in the playing area.